Ms. Erica Hennessy, M.Ed.

Ms. Erica Hennessy, M.Ed.

National Consultant & Trainer

Erica Hennessy is a dedicated 12th-year educator who specializes in student engagement and motivation in order to inspire and reach all classroom learners.  Along with mentoring novice teachers, she has also led Professional Learning Communities in the area of integrating technology in the classroom, written demanding curriculum to meet the needs of school-wide diverse learners, and organized countless philanthropic school-community service learning programs. Ms. Hennessy has hosted and led Professional Developments for various grade levels within her schools in the areas of technology and differentiated instructional strategies. Through training with energy and making standards-based content relevant and fun for all students, Ms. Hennessy prides herself in her ability to inspire teachers to meet the needs of all learners within their classrooms.

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“If you haven’t met or been in the company of Erica, then you are missing out on a great deal of JOY! She is full of life, adventure and passion whether in the classroom, dance studio or the gym. She has a strong work ethic and a genuine desire to see students and teachers excel. She looks to captivate and empower others to take charge of their own success. She is an inspiration and sincerely wants the best for students and co-workers. With fidelity, she brings solutions to the table and wastes no time with implementation. Erica and I worked side by side as teachers and friends and sometimes when you are a good teacher, it is taken for granted by others that good teachers do not need encouragement and/or benefit from a pat on the back. When I met Erica, all of that changed. She acknowledged my effort and my struggles, and encouraged me to keep focusing on the positives. Erica is a good person with a good heart, and has a natural talent to encourage and motivate others. Get to know her, and add a little more happiness and fullness to your life.”   

~Cathy Darden, 6th Grade Chair & Language Arts Teacher, NC

“Leader.  Motivator.  Educator.  Just a few words to describe Erica.  In the few years I worked with her, Erica continuously inspired me to implement effective strategies in the classroom that kept my students highly motivated, engaged and challenged.  She understood the needs of her students and always found unique ways to inspire them. She is a powerful leader and an efficient problem solver, always finding unique solutions to problems that both students and teachers face on a daily basis.”

~Christine D., 4th Grade Teacher, New Jersey

Erica Hennessy is a creative and motivated educator. She is very skilled at determining her students’ needs and developing instructions for her students. She has an engaging and empowering personality that lends itself to a positive learning environment.  Ms. Hennessy sets high standards and expectations for her students and they always seem to rise to the challenge. She also has a high level of technology skills, which helps strengthens her students’ depth of knowledge in today’s digital classroom. Erica is a strong team player and makes significant contributions to collaborative task within her content area.

~Rhonda Jeffrey, Instructional Coach, NC



  • Educator/Mentor
  • National Trainer, Differentiated Instruction
  • Graduate of Rutgers University; Graduate School of Education & Douglass College